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1. to tear something up like a dog would do
2. to insult someone in front of his friends
3. to have sex the doggy way:"You don't love me, you just love my doggy style" -- Snoop Doggy Dog (What's My Name [??])
4. a form of addressing:"Whatup dog?", not meant to be offensive
5. a friend:"That's my Dog". Road ~: West Coast gangsta for friend
6. a promiscuous woman
7. derogatory Australian slang for a police informer

Australian Slang/ItLexicon of Thieves' Cant
Australian Slang/ItAustralian Slang
1. (derogatory) despicable fellow; 2. (derogatory) ugly woman; 3. (prison) informer; 4. used as a measurement of coldness when camping out in the open: “It was a three-dog night, four-dog night”, etc. (referring to how many dogs one needs to snuggle around one's person to keep warm)

rare (alluding to Vietnamese eating dogs)
feeling extremely unwell
1. feeling extremely unwell; 2. very crooked; not straight

feeling extremely unwell
very crooked; not straight
feeling extremely unwell

very happy
very sick
meat pie with tomato sauce (rhyming slang: "dog's eye" = "pie", with "bleeding" referring to the sauce)
extremely windy
smb. needs to defecate
be a lousy driver
be totally incompetent
hurry up
a catalogue
to be going to get your tension out
(of food) be disgusting
very common
to fart
(racist) person of Mediterranean background (rhyming slang for wog; from Dapto - town in eastern NSW where dog races are held)
yes; surely
stiff collar, fastened behind, as worn by a priest
(prison) undercover police
identity disc
outstanding account
something you don't see every day
mess; messy
mess; a confused state of affairs
meat pie
horrible food
1. the last carriage on a train; 2. cramped quarters; a kennel-like room
the dogs - greyhound racing; greyhound races
one's feet are tired and sore
not good, useless, of no importance; anybody at all
1) very thirsty; 2) very dry
the general public
feel pretty awful
wank, masturbate
very full
abusive expression; go to hell; fuck off
get lost
be no longer good
(racist) person of Mediterranean background (rhyming slang for “wog”; from “Gosford” - town north of Sydney where dog races are held)
strong alcohol
to handle very bad (e.g., a car)
have no chance
(derogatory and offensive) ugly girl or woman
if you can't take the pressure, choose alternative course of action
to be going to get your tension out
(of food) be disgusting
very easily
leave; go; time to go
leave quickly
1. bull terrier; 2. (rural) dog used for hunting wild pigs

not popular
behave pretentiously; put on airs
raining very heavily
dog such as would be owned by a petty thief, used as a metaphor for: 1. speed: “off like a robber's dog”; “run like a robber's dog”; 2. ugliness: “head on 'im like a robber's dog”
leave a room for the purpose of urination
1. totally cool person; 2. excellent; really cool: “That party is going to be sick-dog”

long time back
uncircumcised male

be obvious
1) be very obvious; 2) not fit, be out of place
greyhound racing; greyhound races
one's feet are tired and sore
very stupid
very cold night (from the practice of bushmen of sleeping with their dogs; the colder the night, the more dogs needed)
canned meat

person in the highest position; leader; boss

make a sample or trial of a dubious project, procedure, etc., in order to test its feasibility
turn traitor or begin acting cowardly
work hard and in a determined way
nothing can kill a brown dog, but this tasted so bad that it could
Australian Slang/ItLondon Slang
one of the most popular words to describe an ugly girl.
See also: 000 , DPG , Gabba , 041 , M.O.B.


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