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1. a cigarette also cancer stick 
2. a marijuana
3. the penis
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1. very thin person; 2. surfboard; 3. penis; 4. injection of an illegal drug
not much help
not much help
very, very ugly
something is sorter OK
better than nothing
(pl. n.) Australian Rules: goal posts, e.g. “He's dobbed it through the big sticks”

act in an ostentatious or flamboyant manner, usually well beyond the requirements of the given situation
be a lousy driver
be totally incompetent
pool rest
(older slang) be off
fat person
something delicious; sexually attractive person
in remote areas in the bush
very easily
a lot of something
in a rural area or outback
1. annoying or despicable person; 2. (military) any member of the clerical staff (rhyming slang from “pogo-stick” and “prick”)

pool rest; cheat stick

1. said about a job that has not much chance; 2. attempt the impossible

sexually attractive person
exclamation of annoyance
pornographic magazine

when someone is stopping you from doing something, you say this statement
stick well
pornographic magazine

a walk
be very obvious
be very obvious
1) be very obvious; 2) not fit, be out of place
maintain one's position, beliefs, etc.; keep believing in oneself
1. area or district regarded as lacking in the amenities of urban life; the outback; 2. (football) goal posts



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